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I got a Swatch Gent PULSOMETER as a birthday present. And the passion for watches began.

Swatch launched two new product lines: Swatch Scuba and Swatch Chrono. Especially the Chronos have interested me and so the Skipper was my first Swatch Chrono.

The first joy of Swatch watches, has been a business. In the spring WATCHPAPST arises. At this time, the Swatch life took primarily place at the many Swatch exchanges every weekend, all over Germany.

April: The world's largest Swatch Exchange took place in Essen/Saalbau. Of course, we were there in the great main hall.

Our first online sale was a Swatch Gent Mackintosh on ebay.

Mai: goes online for the first time.

The first 1000 positive feedbacks on ebay are achieved.

Online trading, especially on ebay has become so strong that more and more Swatch exchanges quit in Germany; customers prefer to order online.

Major relaunch of the Homepage. For the first time, we can also be found on the first page of Google.

We offer Paypal for all our clients.

Watchpapst is the one and only German importer of the Swatch Clopedia; the reference book for all Swatch watches.

Watchpapst is official Amazon-Partner and our product range is well accepted.

The new Swatch Bijoux and Flik Flak Clopedia is available and is exclusively distributed from us for Germany.

October: watchpapst + Swatch: Illustrative 2009 Club Event, in Berlin.

Relaunch of the Homepage, to better indicate the over 50,000 customers an overview of the entire product range.

Watchpapst has existed for 20 years and manages the 50,000 positive reviews online, with all of our online activities. In 12 years, online history 80 customers were'nt satisfied with us. An acceptable rate, but we try hard to optimize the Customer service for you.

June: We are official Citizen dealer and Citizen launches online site.

Swatch shop-in-shop created in Lieblings... GmbH & Co KG, Friedrichstr. 14-16, 36037 Fulda.

June: We are official Ice-Watch dealer and the Ice-Watch online store launches.

Official Renata Dealer

Watchpapst is official Kienzle dealer

With Mido, Tissot and Union Glashütte we are expanding our offer as official dealer of these brands

we take over jeweler Tigges at Marktplatz 6, in Lauterbach. As a new challenge to our online trading.

April: Relaunch of the Homepage

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