Union Glashuette
Swatch Irony Skin collection

New and super flat…

Swatch Club watch

Swatch Club Special

FOLLOW THE DOTS the club special, inclusive the membership of the Swatch Club 2018.


The flattest Swatch watch

The Swatch Skin watches are comfortable to wear, like a second skin and they are very light. The design reaches from stylish, classically up to elegantly. The materials for the straps are stainless steel, leather, silicon or plastic.

Swatch Skin Regular Collection

light and flat

Swatch Skin Big Collection

flat and large

Swatch Skin Classic Collection

superflat und large variety

Swatch Skin Chrono Collection

with stop-function

Swatch Skin Beat Collection

with digital display



The swatch skin watches. a super thin timepiece a touch of nothing on your skin.