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The Swatch with a metal case

This category contains all Swatch watches with metal case from stainless steel or aluminium. There is a wide spectrum of very big, massive Irony The Chrono (all with a steel case) from the classical Irony Chrono up to the small ladie's watches Irony Lady Lady. The Swatch Diaphane watches as well as the series XLite are processed with a aluminium/plastic bond-casing.

Swatch Irony New Chrono

the new chrongraph

Swatch Irony Chrono

the classic with stop function

Swatch Irony The Chrono

the big chronograph

Swatch Irony Diaphane Chrono

Full Blooded series and more…

Swatch Irony XLite Chrono

material mix with chrono-function

Swatch Irony XLite

aluminium with synthetic deposits

Irony Sistem 51

mechanic movement with 51 segments

Swatch Irony Automatic

mechanics in steel case

Swatch Irony Big Classic

the big men's watch

Swatch Irony Big

standard men's watch

Swatch Irony Medium

the midsize classic

Swatch Irony Lady Lady

the small ladie's watch

Swatch Irony New Big

elegant, big men's watches

Swatch Irony Retrograde

the extravagant chrono

Swatch Irony Chrono Automatic

mechanic movement und saphirglass

Swatch Irony Diaphane Automatic

mechanical movement

Swatch Irony Lady Square

the square ladie's watches

Swatch Irony Nabab

big and massive

Swatch Irony Scuba 200

the big diver's watch

Swatch Irony Scuba

the first version of the diver's watch

Swatch Irony Petite Seconde

classic with small second

Swatch Irony Midi Chrono

the Ladie's-Chronograph



The swatch irony watches are made of stainless steel or lightweigt aluminium cases. Discover the diversity....