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Flik Flak

The child watches

Flik Flak is its own brand of the Swatch Group, which manufacturers children´s watches. There are special watches for girls, for boys, for learning the clock and a lot of current specials,  some with beautiful special packaging.

Flik Flak Logo
Flik Flak collection

the whole variety of the Swiss made kid's watches

Flik Flak Boys

tale of friendship, adventures and superheroes

Flik Flak Girls

these are to make little ladies everywhere very happy

Flik Flak learning watches

learn to tell the time with Flik and Flak

Flik Flak Specials

special packaging with treasures they complete the look or playing time

Flik Flak alarm clock

start your day with the Flak Flak alarm function


Flik Flak child watches