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Renata – the world-class leader in coin cells from Switzerland

Renata SA, a subsidiary of Swatch Group Ltd in Biel, was founded in 1952 as a manufacturer of components for mechanical watches. Within only a few years, the company became a leading manufacturer and supplier of coin cells for watches and many electronic product areas (medical technology, RFID, radio control, metering, and many more…. )

About us:

  • Highly motivated employees from over 25 countries
  • Own R&D department
  • Production of over 1'000'000 coin cells / day
  • Customers in more than 140 countries

Renata, "The Swiss Power Source"

  • Leader in production technology of coin cells
  • One of the 3 largest producers of coin cells worldwide
  • Processes are continuously improved to achieve the high quality expected by our customers.
  • In close cooperation with our customers, we develop and produce innovative, reasonably priced, environmentally friendly and high-quality solutions for wrist watches and industrial applications.
  • Renata has set a benchmark for the industry with its new concept and outstanding quality of 0% mercury silver oxide coin cells.


First production of coin cells

Renata becomes part of Swatch Group Ltd

First production of 3V lithium coin cells

ISO 9001 Certified

First production of HT batteries

Launch of product line 0% mercury

ISO 14001 Certified

Launch of MP packaging

Launch of SC packaging

Launch of CU-MF packaging, Thinfilm cells and Secondary Li coin cells

Quality policy

  • Ensuring lasting customer satisfaction and continuous improvement on their behalf is one of the foremost principles of our company.
  • Our customers set the benchmark for quality. Their assessment of our quality is therefore of paramount importance.
  • The personal performance of every single employee plays a part in safeguarding our standard of quality.
  • A commitment is made to ensure activities relating to quality and safety are planned, managed, and monitored across the board.
  • This enables us to fulfill our quality requirements, meet the needs of our customers, and satisfy the applicable statutory and regulatory obligations.
  • We follow the “0 error principle”.
  • We attach particular importance to error avoidance in relation to error detection.
  • By means of a continuous improvement process and the commitment of every employee across all levels, we strive to constantly enhance the quality of our products.
  • The quality policy of Renata AG is established throughout company and is reviewed regularly to ensure its continued suitability.

Customers and suppliers

We convince our customers with our top-quality services and are constantly challenging our suppliers to develop further.

  • Customer complaints are handled in accordance with the 8D method.
  • Should a task force (TF) need to be appointed in the event of a serious customer complaint, the deadlines and all activities associated with this TF are absolute top priority.
  • An initial statement regarding a customer complaint is to be issued within one working day of receipt of the complaint.
  • Findings resulting from customer complaints shall result in a review, and if necessary, the amendment of the FMEAs.
  • In the event of a complaint, we require that suppliers provide a statement in the form of an 8D report.

"We meet the expectations and quality standards of our customers as well as complying with relevant legal requirements."

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